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Twig Moissanite Engagement Ring White Gold Nature Inspired 6.5mm Round Moissanite Bridal Set Branch Opal Amethyst Wedding Ring Proposal Gift

Twig Moissanite Engagement Ring White Gold Nature Inspired 6.5mm Round Moissanite Bridal Set Branch Opal Amethyst Wedding Ring Proposal Gift


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This stunning nature-inspired jewelry adopt unique elements, elegant florals, branch, vines combine with gems, lend to unique outcomes in jewelry, The best choice to celebrate your blossoming love with the brilliant floral engagement rings!

Moissanite is one of the most robust gemstones and is highly resistant to scratches and chipping. Moissanite rings can radiate a brilliant and dazzling light, surpassing that of any other gemstone.
Therefore, moissanite rings represent your most dazzling love and everlasting sincere emotions for your lover, friend or family.

● Gems Info:
Main stone: 6.5mm Round Moissanite
Matching band stones: Opal and Amethyst
This ring can be customized by other gems stones, please contact us directly if you need :)

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Customizable Jewelry for a Personal Touch
Mark your anniversary/wedding/birthday/proposal with a truly unique expression of love through customizable jewelry. Offering a personal touch that mass-produced pieces cannot match, custom jewelry allows you to infuse personal significance and stories into your gift. Whether it’s engraving your anniversary date, incorporating birthstones, or designing a piece from scratch, customizable jewelry stands as a testament to your individual love story,

For any kind of requests or queries, please do not hesitate to contact us, we will try our best to help you! :)

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PLEASE choose sterling silver or platinum metal if you are allergic to nickel !

By the way, our 10k/14k/18k solid gold pieces are made to last forever. They will not oxidize or discolor, so you can wear your jewelry every day.

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Jewelry Care Tips

About metal:
Please don't worry, Our solid gold pieces are made to last forever. They won't oxidize, won't tarnish or discolor,

About the gemstone:
Keeping this gemstones gleaming for years to come is easy, there are a few things you can do:

You should always keep your gemstone jewelry away from harsh cleaning solutions and chemicals, heat sources, moisture, and abrasive cleaning methods. Sulfur, strong chemicals, chlorine, sweat/perspiration, and harsh sunlight can increase the likelihood that a gemstone jewelry piece will tarnish. It's best to keep your jewelry away from these things as much as possible. This means that you should attempt to do the following:

Don't wear your gemstone ring in the pool, hot tub, or sauna.

Remove your gemstone ring before exercising or playing sports.

Remove jewelry before working with chemicals (such as when doing household chores or yard work) or cooking with foods that contain sulfur, such as eggs and mayonnaise.

Don't Forget The Jeweler:Do you have a jewelry piece that you want restored or cleaned, but are afraid of damaging it at home? Visit your local jeweler. They can make recommendations or clean the piece for you with special tools.

Keeping this gemstones gleaming is easy! Wash your jewelry with warm soapy water and a soft-bristled brush, like a toothbrush. Pat dry using a soft microfiber cloth and store your jewelry in a safe, dry place when it’s not being worn.

Inspiration Gifts Choice

The gemstone engagement ring come in a delicate jewelry box, it is a good choice of an anniversary, engagement, birthday, Mother's Day gifts, Christmas day, Thanksgiving Day, Valentine's Day gift for couple, friend, family.

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