About Us

FGEMRING established in 2020,inspired by Michael’s mom Love for Gemstone, Michael founded FGEMRING Store.

Michael's mom love gemstones very much, but the local gemstone shops are really expensive. They can't easily afford the cost. Once he went to Brazil for a business trip and was pleasantly surprised to find that Brazil is the origin of colored gemstones. There were different kinds of gemstones and the cost price was very cheap, so he bought a mother's birthstone, natural aquamarine, and went back. Michael is good at handicrafts. After some polishing, he inlaid this beautiful gemstone in the ring and gave it to his mother as a birthday present, His mother was very happy. Seeing her happy smile, Michael believes that "The Beauty Of Gemstone Should Be Accessible To Everyone, Not Just The Privileged Few"

In 2020, Michael quit his job to start this store -FGEMRING (Ksterling Inc)., known for natural Inspired ring. Handcrafted each gemstone ring piece one at a time with care, high quality assurance. Lower price. Bring The Vision To Life.

FGEMRING store provide a wide range of products including: handmade variety of engagement and wedding gemstone bridal ring, wedding band and gemstone pendant necklace options. Such as, Alexandrine ring, moss agate ring, opal ring, rose quartz ring, amethyst ring, garnet ring, blue sandstone ring, ruby ring and other fine designer jewelry. All gemstones come from the original source place to ensure authenticity is unsurpassed, and all engagement ring cater to the latest fashion trends.

FGEMRING follow the principle of customer first, Handmade Gemstone Ring With Love, Bring The Vision To Life, Affordable pricing is one of the core values of us. Customer satisfaction is our top priority.

Unbeatable Craftsmanship of Customization and Breathtaking Designs help FGEMRING customers make the right purchase decision ! FGEMRING handcrafted each gemstone ring piece one at a time with care, high quality assurance. Bring sparkles to customers' life.

If you want to find your own perfect engagement ring, please email us design@fgemring.com, We will respond your message within 24 hours !